Internet Gaming.Co


Our company is comprised of three divisions,


Rockstar Internet marketing


In December of 1999 our team was part of the largest Internet aquisition at the time between Compaq/Alta Vista and Since then our company has purchased thousands of domains launched hundreds of marketing websites and assisted the top TRAVEL, GAMING, AND SOCIAL SITES in Search engine marketing and Search engine optimization. Currently we own hundreds of domains in the Gambling, Gaming, and Travel markets and can provide thousands of unique visitors to your Casino and gambling operations. The internet gambling world has changed dramatically...we can help.




Internet Gaming.Co


Our Internet Gaming division owns Farm, a robust internet gaming site with proprietary software that has aquired over 400,000 users. These users enjoy a unique, free, exciting online gaming experience with no equal. Farm Valley was built with the lowest possible aquisition costs in the industry. WE ARE CURRENTLY REVAMPING OUR SITE AND WILL RELAUNCH BY JUNE 8, 2013 with improved user experience, graphics, online casino's for free and much more!


Internet Gambling.Co


Our internet Gambling Division has applied for a Global Gambling license to further grow our brand. We are partnering with the largest Gambling software company in the world and expect to dominate the Global gaming market wherever it is legal, and have an expected launch date of August 1, 2013. Cllick on JOIN US and recieve a $1000 bonus to apply when we are live! SOME RESTRICTIONS APPLY.

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